Which one of these companies does the Google-powered search engine Optimize Search Engine Marketing (OSTM) promote?

A search engine is an integral part of the global economy and is responsible for the creation of search results, the delivery of search ads and other products.

It can also be used for advertising and content promotion.

Google’s Optimize search engine marketing (OSTMO) services allow it to sell search ads to advertisers and to the public via its online search results.

The Google-owned search engine, however, has been criticized by many as an ineffective tool for promoting search results and its own search-optimized results for the web.

Google is currently battling the antitrust suit filed by US search giant Yahoo, which claims the company’s search engine manipulates its own results in order to maximize the number of search-related search results in its search results database.

The company has also been hit with a series of lawsuits from competitors who say Google’s dominance of the search-advertising market hurts their business.

The US search-sourcing giant has been accused of using its dominance to create artificially high search-ranking results in search results for its own users.

According to the lawsuit filed by Yahoo, Google’s algorithm makes search results appear as if they are the top results for any search query in the user’s local area, rather than the results that are actually more relevant for the search query, based on the user search history.

This leads to an unfair advantage for Google’s own user-generated search results because Google does not have to provide users with a way to correct the skewed results that Google creates for users.

The search engine also reportedly uses “a series of other algorithms” to rank its own top search results against those of competitors.

For instance, the lawsuit alleges, Google “has created a list of top 10 search results based on Google’s search algorithms, and then artificially artificially inflated these rankings based on its own user search histories.”

Google denies that its algorithm artificially alters the search results of users.

However, Google said that it “is committed to working with all companies and individuals to ensure that search results are presented in a way that is fair to all users.”

A Google spokesperson told Al Jazeera that “we are committed to improving search for users and that is why we have recently released a set of changes to improve search for all users and the search industry in general.”

The lawsuit claims that the changes “result in a fairer ranking of search result content, as well as more relevant search results on the internet.”

In its latest annual report to shareholders, Google revealed that its search engine had reached a new peak in terms of searches in 2013.

Google had previously reached the peak in 2011.

Al Jazeera’s Peter Smith reports from New York.