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By Sara GhoshBengaluru, August 24: The Hyderabad metro has become the first Indian city to have a mobile app which allows commuters to order food, get directions and find a restaurant, as the city seeks to cut down on the number of car-related deaths.

The app, called ‘lollipop’, allows commuters in the metro to book meals in-person, order travel insurance, and get a taxi or ride-share service.

“It is not an app that has a lot of features and it is not available on all platforms,” said Rakesh Bhatt, the metro’s head of app development and product strategy.

“There is no mobile app for a metro in India.

It is only available for Mumbai metro, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru metro,” said Bhatt.

“The app is available only for Mumbai and Bengalur.

It works on the same platform as Google Maps, and we are also using it for all our services,” said M.M. Raju, a Bangalore-based engineer who works at the mobile app development company Mobipocket.

Raju said the app is currently only available in Bengaluru, where it has been downloaded by 3.9 lakh commuters, but he said the number will soon increase as people use the app for all their services.

The app works on Google Maps for mobile devices.

It allows commuters who are unable to book food to book it for free, and it also allows commuters using Uber or GrabTaxi to request a taxi from their phones.

The company said it has received more than 4,000 requests from commuters who have booked a cab in-store or on-demand for meals.

“People can also use the application for their rides in a taxi.

In-app booking is also available for Uber or Taxi services,” the app says.

Rabu said mobile app companies were working on providing the service to commuters and other metro users.

“We will soon provide the app to all metro users and the number is expected to reach 5 crore in the next five years,” he said.

Raveesh Bhatt of Mobipockets Bangalore said the mobile platform has received thousands of requests from users who want to book and use their Uber or Lyft service.

He said there are currently 2,500 mobile apps that allow commuters to book their Uber and Lyft services.

“I have been working with the mobile company for over a year now, and they have been able to deliver the app,” said Babu.

The company said the company was working with Uber and GrabTaxis to build the app.

“Since we have a strong relationship with both companies, we will soon be offering the app on both of them,” said Shashi Bhatt in an email.

Bhatt said the Hyderabad Metro had a very successful pilot project with the app last year.

The metro had over 40 per cent traffic reduction and had a reduction of at least 60 deaths in the month of August.

“However, in the first two months, we have been having some problems with traffic,” he added.

“Now we have decided to open the app in the Mumbai metro for all users.”

The app has been made available on a few platforms including Apple, Google Play and Amazon.

It has a price tag of Rs 2.99, and a limited number of users are allowed to download the app at any time.

“Currently, the app does not allow booking of meals.

However, the mobile phone app in Bengalur is the only option for booking meals in India,” said Raju.

“With the mobile application, we can offer free meal booking to commuters in Mumbai metro.

The meal booking option will be available on our website,” he explained.

The Hyderabad app, which is free, was developed in partnership with Google and the mobile technology company Mobinotix.

“Mobinotices mobile app is used by many commuters and users across all cities.

This is an innovative initiative for the metro area,” said Mukesh Kumar, managing director of Mobinodix.