The search engine that helped save Pakistan’s GDP is being sold to Google

As India and Pakistan prepare to host the World Cup, the search engine-software giants Google and Microsoft are making their pitches for an $8 billion deal to help build up their economies in the years ahead.

The two companies have been negotiating the terms of the deal for months, with Microsoft’s bid set to be formally announced Monday.

Google is also expected to announce its bid shortly.

India, which will host the 2022 World Cup in the country, has been looking to increase its investment in its infrastructure and tech industries.

In an interview with Reuters, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said that India has made the biggest investment in technology investments in the world and that the Indian government has been a great partner.

“India has been the fastest-growing market in the region, and we are committed to providing the services that Indian businesses need, including online education,” Nadellasaid.

“We have a long history of investing in India and believe in India’s future, and I look forward to working with the government to bring this investment to fruition.”

The deal, which would see Google and the government together to offer software services to more than 300 million people, is expected to help India to meet its ambitious goal of having 1 billion Internet users by 2022.

The government has also been pushing for the technology companies to help speed up the rollout of digital infrastructure and communications.

India, with a population of more than 5 billion people, has become a hub for the internet.

The country has over a billion people online and has become the world’s fastest- growing economy in recent years.

India has also invested heavily in its telecom network, and has recently opened up the country to foreign investments.

The deal would be the largest in the history of the two companies, which both have offices in India.

India’s bid to host next year’s World Cup will be part of a larger package of infrastructure projects that includes a new rail line, a new airport, and a power grid upgrade.

India’s bid is part of the government’s ambitious Digital India campaign, which aims to bring digital connectivity to the country.