Search engine optimization

Search engine optimizer Google announced on Monday that it has updated its algorithm to “take into account the quality and relevancy of Google results when performing keyword searches.”

The search engine’s new algorithm, called “Search Engine Optimization,” was announced in November 2015, and Google first announced the change in August.

Google’s announcement came as part of its new “Google Trends” segment, a feature that aims to “show the world what’s happening on the web in the most meaningful way possible.”

Google said that the new algorithm will be applied across a wide range of search terms, including keyword-based searches.

Google will also begin to track how many times search engines are using “quality and relevalancy” keywords.

The search engines that will see their quality and relevance keywords appear more frequently in the Google Trends search results are “search engines with a well-known track record in ranking and ranking results,” Google said in a blog post.

Google also revealed that it will begin to implement the new search engine optimization code in the search engine.