Makeajax application crawlable for search engine optimization

Google has started offering an API to help developers of search engine crawlers make AJAX applications that can crawl the Web for advertising, search results and other content.

The API is called search engine crawlable, or SEO crawlable.

It allows developers to build applications that will crawl the Internet to deliver relevant search results, including relevant ads, search queries, and other search results.

Google announced the API on Tuesday.

Developers can access the API through Google Developer Dashboard or Google Webmaster Tools.

Google said developers can use the API to crawl any Web page, including blogs, sites with millions of unique visitors, and mobile apps.

Google said that the API is compatible with the search engine crawling capabilities of Google AdWords and Google Search.

The API will allow developers to integrate the crawling capabilities into their own AJAX application to provide search results that are relevant to the user.

The crawler will also provide ad-targeting functionality to the crawler, so users will be able to get relevant ads in the search results they get.

Google also said that developers can leverage the crawlers crawling capabilities to build apps that serve targeted advertisements to users.

The crawlable apps will also include ad-tracking features, allowing users to identify the ads that are most relevant to them.

Developers also can use this API to build web applications that deliver search results tailored to their users.

For developers, the crawling API provides developers with a way to integrate crawlers with their applications.

Developers will be given a set of rules for crawling the Web, including what content to crawl and what content the crawel will crawl.

Developers should note that crawlers will not be able do keyword search, but instead will crawl content to match their search terms.