How Trump got his name, then did it all?

MSNBC has learned that Donald Trump has filed a trademark application to trademark his name and the name of the former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, for a product that he says will be used by “everybody”.

Mr Trump is the fourth person to be named as the first Trump-branded product after the US election, along with a host of other products, including a Trump-designed coat of arms, an “American Apparel” jacket, a Trump “brand” of shoes and a Trump branded car.

In an interview with the New York Times, Mr Trump said that “everyday Americans” will use his products.

“We have a brand of clothes.

We have a logo, and we have a name.

And they’re going to wear it.

Everybody has a name,” he said.”

I’m doing it because I think it’s going to be a great success.”

Mr Trump said he had been approached by “literally hundreds of companies” who wanted to license his name.

“So many companies that have asked me to come on board to do the trademark.

It’s very, very high profile.

It will be so big,” he told the Times.”

It’s going in a lot of ways.

It is going to have a huge impact.”

A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment.