How to Use Google’s New ‘Search Engine Optimization’ Service to Find ‘The Best’ Movies and TV Shows in Pakistan

Google’s search engine optimization service is now available in Pakistan.

You can use it to find “the best” movies and TV shows for Pakistan. 

The new feature was announced in a new video released by Google India on Thursday.

It was first rolled out to Pakistan in April, and was rolled out as a preview feature in India earlier this month. 

Here’s how to use Google’s new search engine optimization service to find the best movies and shows for Pakistani users:1.

Go to your Google News feed.2.

Tap on Search, then click on “My News Feed” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.3.

Search for movies, TV shows, and music.4.

Under the “Search” section, scroll down to the bottom of the results page and click on the “Add to My Feed” button. 


Now you can browse the results by genre, rating, popularity, and more. 


Tap “Add” and then “Submit”.7.

Once you submit, you’ll be taken to the Google News results page. 


You’ll see the “The Best Movies and tv shows for Pakistan” section with the top results in the top row. 


Select a movie and TV show to search for. 


Then tap “Search & Search” to return to the search results page, and select the movie or show you want. 


Tap the “Submit” button to add the movie to your library. 


Now go back to the “My Blog” page, click “Edit” in your top navigation bar, and click “Add Comment” under the “Other Comments” section. 


Follow the directions to add your comment. 


You should now see your comment in the “comments” section of the Google news feed. 


You will then have the option to “Add Comments” in Google News. 


Follow Google’s instructions to add a comment to your comment history. 


You’re all set! 

This feature will be rolling out in Pakistan in the coming weeks.

Google will continue to improve its search engine algorithm in Pakistan for the benefit of users in the country.