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In the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense is the dominant force.

In the past, the team has played a heavy schedule, which has been difficult for a defense that has struggled to stop the run.

However, this season, the Steelers have faced the most passing offenses in the league, so the offense has had to adjust and change its gameplan to keep up with the blitz.

The Steelers have allowed 4,073 passing yards per game this season.

The only teams with more passing yards allowed are the New England Patriots (1,918) and Indianapolis Colts (1.928).

The Colts have allowed the most total yards in the NFL with 1,934.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have surrendered the most points per game (23.4) and yards per play (9.9).

The Pittsburgh Steelers lead the NFL in rushing touchdowns, averaging 14.8 per game.

The Steelers rank third in yards per carry (4.4), fifth in passing touchdowns (6) and eighth in passing yards (6,890).

The New England Patriot are the best passing team in the NFC East, allowing the fewest yards per attempt (3.9) and touchdowns per game (-10.3).

The Patriots have also been a solid rushing team, allowing just 9.5 yards per rush.

The Patriots rank fifth in points allowed (20.9), third in points per play (.934) and seventh in yards (3,079).

In the NFC West, the San Francisco 49ers have been one of those teams that has been very inconsistent.

They’ve played against some of the best teams in the AFC West, but they’ve also been one or two of the worst.

However in 2017, the 49ers were able to win the NFC Divisional Round, so they’re a strong contender in the division.

The 49ers lead the NFC in passing (921) and rushing yards (5,871).

The San Francisco secondary has allowed the fewst passing yards on the team this season with a 3.3 average.

The Arizona Cardinals have struggled in their first five games, but are one of only five teams in NFL history to play at least 50 percent of their games at home.

They are also one of just five teams to allow fewer than 100 yards per outing this season and have the fifth fewest rushing yards allowed.

The Cardinals rank fifth on the NFL’s scoring list with 441.

The New York Giants have been a top-10 defense in every season since their arrival in the AFL in 2010.

However the Giants have faced more pass attacks than any other team in football, allowing 4,038 passing yards and 653.5 rushing yards per contest.

The Giants are tied for seventh in total defense, third in passing defense, fifth in total points allowed and first in total yards allowed (4,711).

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a top five scoring defense in the American League and have a 3-0 record in their past five games.

They rank fourth in passing offense, fifth against the pass and seventh against the run (4-0).

The Diamondbacks rank third against the spread, fifth passing and sixth rushing.

The Arizona Diamondboys rank fourth against the rush.

The Atlanta Falcons have allowed just two quarterbacks to score at least 20 points this season (Josh Freeman and Matt Ryan) and they have been unable to get a single offensive touchdown.

The Atlanta Falcons are one or second in points given up per game with 1.7 points per drive.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have had a rough stretch of play.

They have faced one of their own in Josh Freeman, who is struggling in his first season with the team.

The Pirates are fourth in points scored per game allowed (8.9 points) and fourth in rushing defense (13.8).

The Philadelphia Eagles have been on a roll.

They ranked third in the NL in points in their last five games and have scored a league-high 38 touchdowns.

They’re third in total offense (546.2 yards per day) and sixth in passing points (1:43.4 per game).

The Houston Texans are currently the fourth-ranked defense in NFL History, behind only the Detroit Lions, New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons.

The Texans have allowed one quarterback to score 30 touchdowns, the most in the history of the NFL.

The Houston Texans rank third at defensive scoring, second at points allowed per game and second at passing points allowed.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a solid defensive team.

They currently rank fourth on the league’s defensive scoring list, ahead of the Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints and St. Louis Rams.

They were also fifth in rushing yards against the blitz (3:37