How Google’s Search Engine Optimization has helped us stay ahead of the competition

Search engines optimize for a number of different factors including speed, relevance, search volume and relevance in social.

In order to optimise for these factors, we need to use a variety of different techniques.

In this article, we’ll look at three different techniques that can help us optimise our search engine performance.


Search Engine Tuning: We can use different techniques to optimised our search results.

For example, Google is using a technique called ‘natural search’ to optimises search results by filtering out duplicate and irrelevant content, and by looking for keywords with a high probability of being relevant.

The goal of this technique is to find a combination of keywords that is more relevant to our search queries, so that the search engine can rank them more efficiently.


Optimising SEO: Search engines can use several different strategies to improve their ranking.

For instance, some search engines can optimise their ranking using keyword research to target specific search queries and provide relevant content.

Others will also use a ‘bait’ algorithm to create a ‘spam’ of search results, so as to get users to return to their website.


Optimizing Content Delivery Networks: These are the links between your website and Google.

These links may or may not be linked to your website.

If they are linked, the search engines will try to rank the relevant content on the search results pages of your site.

Some of the strategies that Google uses to optimisise the search result pages include: removing duplicate links and links that don’t belong, using a high degree of trust in the quality of the links, including a high level of ‘trust’ on the site, and providing the search for the relevant search terms.