Google’s Google News Feed will be in the new Chrome OS operating system

Google will release its own news feed on the Chrome OS platform starting this year.

The news feed will be available through the Chrome Web Store and will be based on the company’s own algorithms and content recommendations.

It will be a free, ad-supported service for Chrome OS users.

Google also has a dedicated YouTube channel and a new website dedicated to YouTube and YouTube Red, which has been acquired by Google.

Google is currently working on a similar channel for Android, though it has not said when this new one will go live.

Google’s News Feed was the first way to consume Google news in the web browser and it remains the dominant news-streaming app for Google’s OS.

It is still unclear how Google plans to make money from its News Feed on the platform, but Google said in March that it would begin charging advertisers to reach users through its News Hub app.

Google is also experimenting with ways to monetise news through Google+ and Google+ Hangouts.