Google to introduce Google Ads-like ads in YouTube search

Google will introduce a search engine optimization service for YouTube in 2018, the search engine giant has announced.

Google has previously launched a similar service for its own search engine, Google AdWords, but the new service will enable users to easily generate customized search engine ads.

Google said it will offer Google Ads in Google Search, an ad-serving service that it says it will integrate into the search results pages of YouTube videos.

Google also plans to integrate its own ad-matching service in Google search, according to the company, but will not make any direct money from advertisers.

“We’re going to be offering Google Ads,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“We think it’s going to help people understand the value of their content more, because it’s not just a click or a search.

It’s the experience.

We think it will be very valuable.”

Google said YouTube will use Google’s own AdSense service to serve ads on YouTube, as well as through Google AdSense’s AdSense Partner Program.

YouTube will also be able to serve search results through Google’s Search Ads API.

Google is launching a new ad-referral feature called YouTube Ad-Rank, which it hopes will make it easier for advertisers to target search queries to YouTube users.

YouTube also plans on launching a YouTube AdSense subscription service.

YouTube already offers a number of ad-supported services, including its YouTube Video AdSense.

Google plans to offer search results based on keywords, which will help users find content they’re looking for more quickly.

“YouTube Ad-rank is going to have a big impact on search engine performance,” Google Chief Technology Officer David Drummond said.

“YouTube’s ad-sales engine is built on a very robust and dynamic content discovery platform.

It knows what people are looking for.

It has a great ad-network, a very strong ad-targeting platform, and it has an incredible amount of data that’s available in a very short amount of time.”

Google has been working on its own Ad-Sale service since 2013, and recently launched AdSense partner program.

The company also has partnered with Yahoo, which has partnered on AdSense for its YouTube video service, to provide advertisers with YouTube ad-ranking data.

The Google Ad-sale service is free to use for both YouTube and Google, and users will earn $5 to $25 per month for YouTube ad revenue, according the company.

Google’s ad revenue is expected to grow by between 10 percent and 50 percent in the next few years, and Google has also said it plans to roll out AdSense-branded products in the near future.