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Google is the dominant search engine in the world, but some search engines are also making the jump to a new era of relevance.

For years, Google has been using search engines to rank its own products.

Now, with its new “Knowledge Graph,” Google is using search engine results to rank products, such as Wikipedia, for the first time.

The Knowledge Graph, which is part of Google’s search engine, allows Google to rank the results of search queries from other search engines on its own.

The new Knowledge Graph is designed to help Google understand how people search for its own search terms.

“With this new Knowledge graph, we’ll be able to show how people are searching for things they may want to know more about, such the most recent version of the Wikipedia article,” the company said in a blog post Monday.

The first major update to the Knowledge Graph comes with a “new user experience,” which will give users a way to search for information directly on the page.

The new “search result page” will look like the “Search Results” tab on Google’s own search engine pages.

Users can also now find their own search queries by selecting the keyword that they are looking for.

The update will roll out to users starting Tuesday, the company wrote in the blog post.

Google said it will also improve the search engine rankings of its own results by “optimizing results based on a user’s current search query.”

The search engine will also be working to “optimize” its own user interface for those users who may not be familiar with Google’s products.

Google is also making changes to the way search results are displayed to better fit the user’s interests.

The company said the changes will include better “content quality” and better navigation and search tools.

Google, which has been known to make changes to its search engine every few months, is not the first search engine to make the switch.

Last year, Google announced it would start working with Bing on improving its search results.