Google launches new ‘Google Search’ service

The search engine giant has announced a new service called Google Search, which will allow people to search Google for information.

Google Search is a search engine that lets people search for specific topics and content.

The service, which launches in the US and the UK on September 15, will also allow users to create their own personalised search results.

“Today we’re announcing Google Search for your searches,” Google wrote on the Google Blog.

“Google Search has the ability to give you access to a full suite of search tools and tools that are specifically designed to work together with your Google search history.

We’re excited to make this even easier to use.”

Google’s new search feature allows users to search for articles, photos, videos and audio, and also shows users a list of links to other pages that contain relevant content.

For example, users can see a list and search for an article on ABC News.

In addition to the new search option, users will be able to create customised results based on search terms.

For example, the search provider could show you an article about a celebrity in the media, while the results could also include the latest news.

The new service also has the capability to save search results for future use.

Google Search will save results for up to five years, meaning it can be used in conjunction with other search services like Bing and Yahoo.